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No city has the immediate facilities to do it right now. Outside of a potential temporary home while a new stadium gets built there are no ready-made options out there.

What is generally considered to be the best stadium in AAA holds about 14,220 in Indianapolis (with standing room) and is the 2nd largest stadium in the International League. Durham holds 10,000. Charlotte is opening a new stadium in 2014 that will hold 10,000. There's only two minor league stadiums that hold over 15,000 - Buffalo's stadium from 1986 that holds about 18,000 and Salt Lake City's from 1994 that holds a bit over 15,000. For what it's worth Portland's stadium held about 17,000 for baseball...but was built in the 20s and was in desperate need of being replaced.

None of these are options to be build over or expanded. Charlotte's isn't even done being built yet. An entirely new stadium would have to be built anywhere. When Portland re-configured to be a MLS stadium they were only able to get the capacity up to about 20,500 seats in the limited area they had to work with.

It is extremely hard to see a city publicly financing a stadium right now - especially without the guarantee of having a team (and the team isn't going to move anywhere without the promise of a stadium). Between the economic conditions and the bitter taste left in everyone's mouth over the Miami disgrace...any stadium would have to be built mostly by private funding...and there just aren't too many owners willing to do that.

Now maybe that will change since baseball stadiums can be built for far less than what Miami paid if they don't have a roof and even C-list franchises are shooting through the roof in value ($800 million for the Padres still blows my mind), but I still can't see it happening within a 5 year window.

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