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01-27-2013, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by NobodyBeatsTheWiz View Post
O'Reilly wants $5M a year, and has a career high of 55 points. I like him as a player, but I'm not sure how much more offensive upside there is. Giving up Johansson (who was similarly terrible the first few games last season) and a 2nd to pay O'Reilly $5M doesn't seem the most prudent course of action.

I'd probably rather go after Ryder or Sullivan for a quick offensive fix this year, then address any needs that become apparent this season in the offseason.
Yet Brooks Laich at 4.5 million is AOK.

O'Reilly projects as a Bergeron, Pavelski, Zajac, Kesler, JStaal type center and looks like he's getting there in a hurry. If you can get someone like that on your team for Marcus ****ing Johansson you do it and lock them up as long as you can. They add a playoff dimension that can't really be replaced. Certainly by no one we have on this roster or likely to get any other way.

What is the point of getting Ryder or Sullivan, exactly? You're giving up futures to possibly get us into the playoffs this year so we can get smoked. They're on teams that are looking to get t the playoffs so their values will be artificially inflated. This is Darryl Sutter level hockey decisions. Bite the bullet, tank the season, then get guys like O'Reilly, perhaps even Ryder and retool the team so it can play the right way by next fall.

Johansson + 2nd for O'Reilly would put us so much closer to being a legitimate playoff contender it's not even funny. But McPhee hoards his nuts so he won't do it and we'll continue being left with Ovechkin, Backstrom and a mishmash of crap.

EDIT: crap I forgot he's 21 and got his 55 point season with an 18 year old and a revolving door of wingers, all of them grinders. Yeah no offensive upside there. No way in hell.

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