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01-27-2013, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
You're tough to follow.
You make claims like PK should accept a 3.5M/y deal when it has never even been reported that this was offered.
You even chose to believe that PK was asking for the moon and insist that he's being this greedy and selfish kid because of it.
However, reputable journalists and insiders (that never make up rumors and are usually on the money) revealed some numbers. They are beneath your original thought, and so you suddenly take a step back saying nobody knows with 100% certainty. That never stopped you from making assumptions when it painted PK as this greedy kid.
You can't do it one way only.

If you don't know, then don't call PK this selfish greedy kid.
If you want to believe rumors, then believe the latest ones that are from reputable insiders.

As the start of a core?? Sure, maybe, why not.
Of course, a team isn't constituted of 3 players, so yes, they will need other key players.

Sure, you manage the cap. You manage it by not giving guys like Gionta 5M for 5y.
Or not giving Gorges 4M. Or not bringing in Kaberle at 4.25M. That's how you manage cap.
Screwing up and then trying to squeeze cash out of a core key player is just dumb.

Also, our team is better with PK on it than not. So you're wrong, PK alone does move us towards the cup. And he does move us closer to it than draft picks, or cap space used on over the hill UFA agents.

I don't get your beef with PK. Seriously.
You just stated my case all along.

Gionta's salary is too high. Kaberle's is a joke. Georges is a high contract.

All of those contracts are on the books. Bergevin is looking at those numbers. They were given to him.

He can try to lock PK up with a bridge for two years while these contracts play out and end. Once these contracts are gone, PK can get his money.

Or, Bergevin can continue the ineptitude that we have seen for the last 10 years. Just write a big contract and hope for the best as we complain why we cannot get talented UFAs to sign with our low offers in Montreal.

My beef with PK is that he should understand he is a valuable cog in this team and by holding out for a high contract will hurt this team in getting additional impact players to come here because of a lack of cap space.

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