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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
And, what do you do if Phoenix moves to Quebec? Now, someone has to move to the Division C, to make 15 teams in each conference. And, Quebec should be in A, so 1 or 2 teams from A have to move out?

What would you do, Shockmaster?
I guess I'd move Buffalo to division B. I'm only focusing on the here and now with my opinion and not which teams might or might not relocate and to where they'd go. If that happens, I'll adjust.

Divisional playoffs or bust. Absolutely no point in "divisions" without a divisional playoff format.
Why does it have to be one extreme or the other? The NHL currently has divisions with no divisional playoffs. Are you bored come playoff time? Granted, a team playing a hated rival is always good. But does that mean a playoff series will be not worth watching if the two teams aren't rivals?

Sorry, I don't want to see PIT vs PHI or PIT vs NYR or PHI vs NYR or NYR vs NJ every year in the first round. It might make some of you salivate now over the thought of that, but in a few years it'll get repetitive and feel like it's forced. And fans of a team finishing in 5th place in a tougher division will complain about teams with less points getting into the playoffs in a weaker division. Many of you that like the idea now will not like it in a few years if the NHL goes through with it.

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