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01-27-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
You just stated my case all along.

Gionta's salary is too high. Kaberle's is a joke. Georges is a high contract.

All of those contracts are on the books. Bergevin is looking at those numbers. They were given to him.

He can try to lock PK up with a bridge for two years while these contracts play out and end. Once these contracts are gone, PK can get his money.

Or, Bergevin can continue the ineptitude that we have seen for the last 10 years. Just write a big contract and hope for the best as we complain why we cannot get talented UFAs to sign with our low offers in Montreal.

My beef with PK is that he should understand he is a valuable cog in this team and by holding out for a high contract will hurt this team in getting additional impact players to come here because of a lack of cap space.
You don't make any sense.

First off, only Gionta and Kaberle are coming off. Gorges is staying there, there's also MaxPac that's getting a 3M increase.
Diaz and Emelin will also be coming off their bridge deals, so, if they keep improving as they have, expect huge increases for them too.
Now you want to add PK Subban to that list of increases???

You realize that the previous organization you're talking about are the ones that were for the bridge deals right?? They gave bridge deals to everybody. That's why guys like Gorges and Price got huge increases.
PK Subban is actually trying to help us, give him a long term deal now, at 4-4.5M if you can, so that in 2 years, you won't have to re-sign him to that 6-7M deal.

You say you don't want to repeat the same mistakes but what you're suggesting leads us exactly to where we've been in the past few years. Can't you see that?

You're only thinking in the short term. You're thinking about saving money on 2 years as opposed to possibly 6-8years.

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