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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Care to elaborate on the bolded?

Seems like a lot of vague mumbo jumbo.

Btw he is currently tied for second in goals on the Oil Kings, a team with a lot of pretty good offensive players, all of whom are older than Lazar.
It isn't mumbo jumbo. "Creating space" is what is reads like, the ability to create room for himself to make plays and scoring opportunities.

That could include elusiveness to dodge defenders, that could include strength to drive back defenders and closer to the net, or it could include the elite top speed to blow past defenders, something you call "seperation speed".

Again, it is from limited viewings so I will repeat that my opinion is by no means concrete and set in stone. However, I do want to play devil's advocate to create a debate and I will understand if others have similar concerns.

Lazar is a great player on the forecheck and the PK, because he causes turnovers, causes the other team to make mistakes, and can keep the offensive zone clock going. His shot compliments this nicely as he can capitalize on those turnovers.

But he isn't an elusive skater, nor does he have a huge frame or dominant strength to drive players back. While he has great acceleration, his top speed (from my viewing) wasn't quite elite yet.

I'll leave it at that as I can feel this discussion getting slightly overheated. But I do want to say, while maybe not a fair comparison, guys like Mike Fischer have made an excellent career being great forechecking player without possessing top line seperation skills.

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