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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Perhaps I'm one of the few who feels this way but suppose Lucic were on the habs, do you think he'd dive? Do you think Lucic would not fight? I think he'd be the same and appreciated for it.

I think too much is said on the organization and not the individual. PK is PK. PK is not a fighter and doesn't want to be. I don't think the bruins would change him at all. At best they'd make him a little more aware of his perception in that regard. People don't suddenly change at 20+ years old without some crazy experience occuring.

To be honest, I'm 6'4 and a pretty big guy and if I were a hockey player I'd hit just like PK if I could and if someone challenged me after a clean hit I'd refuse to fight. If someone challenged me after I ****ed up, if I'm not already apologizing to the guy I gave an accidental cheapshot too then yes, i'll fight if I need to. PK kinda has that mentality too, obviously it's based on his own perception of when he should or should not fight, that's the issue really. He's always said he'll fight if he has too but won't get dragged into a fight if he doesn't feel he should be fighting.

For example, when he gave marchand a clean hit a while back. A few guys wanted to get him, Subban refused. If it were me I would do the exact same thing because nothing wrong with the hit.

To be clear, I'm just talking for the sake of discussion. No one should feel I'm insulting the bruins or wtv. It's more of a philosophical discussion than anything else so we may not agree but that's normal and that is the point.
I'm not sure I should touch this one cause its easily taken the wrong way so i'll say 2 comments

Agree about clean hits shouldn't always lead to fights ...

Not a good example if were thinking of the same hit ? jumping back spashes is not part of hockey this is why you got a huge reaction out of the bruins

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