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01-27-2013, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Simple enough, Southernhab's perception of cap hits is stuck somewhere around 2006.

Same with people calling out Prust's cap hit.

The average NHL salary is 2,3 mil this year. OMG he makes 200k more than the average NHL player salary!!! What an overpayment.

And that's not considering that on a full cap, the average salary is 2,8 mil. Just 1,1 mil less than what Gorges is making,

It would also be good for these posters to notice that the max salary for a single player on a 70 mil cap is 14 mil. Gorges makes 10 mil less than that.
My thinking on Prust is, it is relatively easy to find depth forwards. I don't see much separating Prust from, for example, Ryan White or Taylor Pyatt, Prust's 1.5mil replacement in New York. To bring it all full circle, that 1mil difference is only 1.4% of the cap, but can make a big difference when trying to get deals done with top players, like Subban. Basically, it's easier to find value at the bottom end of the roster than at the top. Maloney has done a great job of this in Phoenix.

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