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01-27-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
17 goals is 6 more than Brian Boyle scored, who everyone constantly rags on for being a black hole on offense. If he can play well on the PP that'd be fantastic, but a lot of guys have come here to find that they don't thrive on this PP unit like the did on other units. I wouldn't bet that he's going to have the same success here.

I'm not saying that Ferriero will provide the scoring that Arnott provided for a different team last year, but I also wouldn't say that Arnott himself will be able to provide that here this year. Ferriero brings hustle and energy, which is what this team needs to get them out of their funk. I'm not putting him anywhere in any lineups but to say he's a 4th line player only based on last night's performance is a bit silly. I'm sure he could fit in just fine on the 3rd line if he keeps up the play he showed last night. People are way too quick to slot players into very specific spots around here. Before he even stepped on the ice people were ragging on the idea of him being on the third line and he ended up moving up a line, playing center and having a solid game.

With Nash, Richards, Gaborik, Stepan and Callahan, and hopefully some progression from Hagelin and continued success from DZ, another player who might be able to put up 30 points isn't what this team needs most. They need hustle, grit and energy to get them on the right track and to get the offense clicking. There's a lot of scoring talent on the ice when they play, it's just not showing because the team as a whole is out of whack right now.

Again, I'm not opposed to Arnott, but I wouldn't scratch Ferriero for him based on the way he played last night. If in a few games he runs out of gas or loses his edge, that's fine, but to say Arnott is definitely an upgrade over him at this point when Arnott is 38, at the tail end of a career, and wasn't signed by anyone until yesterday, is to speak too soon.
Looked at another way, 17 goals is 54% more offense than 11 goals, which is significantly more.

Personally, I think both Arnott and Ferriero are needed in the lineup and if it means scratching 2 of Rupp/Halpern/Asham once Kreider is going, so be it. Assuming, of course, that Arnott is effective and Ferriero consistently plays like he did last night.

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