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Originally Posted by PROMputt View Post
Let me first write I am not the biggest Snow or Wang supporter. I would write SnowJob in reference to Snow and WangJob for Wang. I think both have made many mistakes and moves that I have not agreed with(in fact just down right pissed me off). Some of the first and second round picks I liked and other no so much (from round 3 and out let's all at least admit the draft is VERY unpredictable and I think Snow has done a very good job with those picks). Also this may be the first thread I have ever created, but I just do not understand all the negativity lately? Martin is being used wrong, Okposo may have to go, tired of the dumpster diving, making the wrong pick, handling Nino wrong- etc...
Let's see how the season plays out. I firmly believe (hopeful?) that the 2013-14 season is the real litmus test for Snow's rebuild plan. Strome will be on the Island, Nino if he stops the complaining, should be ready, Nelson could be/should be ready, Donovan, Sundstrom, who know's maybe Persson?. Cizikas and Ullstom should have established themselves somewhat by then. And there are still a handful of prospects behind them that could be ready or should be by 2014-15. Re-builds are not easy/painless or every team would do it, but if done correctly can build a team successfully for a long time. Why do you think teams like Calgary and Toronto(and other) resist a rebuild because most GM's know two things; one- they probably will not have a job when the rebuild comes to fruition as most owners are not patient enough. And two- the fan base will become disenfranchised and attendance will be horrible (also a third is sometimes they do not work or workout as planned and the team can still suck- LOL).
Snow and Wang are in this rebuild for the long haul as they have shown. You can either choose to find some positives or wallow in negativity, either way you should try to find a way to enjoy what we have (Tavares, Hammonic, Moulson, Grabner, etc...)
One last thing about picks and prospects. It is always easier to say so and so should have been picked before a current Islander draft pick. But unless you have scouted, watched and interviewed these kids the draft is very difficult to predict. Team needs vs best available, size vs skill, talent vs character; not easy. And this constant bickering on these boards about bringing up kids to early and not letting them develop vs leaving them on the farm to long and not giving a chance is insane. NOBODY has the perfect formula as every prospect/draft pick is like a snow flake- they are all different.
Anyway if this post is like many others here the naysayers will pull out a sentence I have written and cut up the whole post because of it. I just wish I was a perfect in my life as many of you expect Snow to be.
Love this post and defines my exact sentiments except for one thing and that is Snow and the job he has done which i think has been the best he could with the little he has to work with. The litmus test will be the first year in Brooklyn because i wouldnt mind the Isles tank to acquire say Drouin or Pulock

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