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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Sorry I got you in this mess! I should have last 3 years he seems to have developed an injury prone body...a delicate body...or maybe that doesn't sound good either...I understand many here want to defend/protect Markov...not sure delicate is better than ''frail'' or most NHLers...they're all in great shape (most of them) but it doesn't stop some from being frail when it comes to receiving bodychecks (Ribeiro looks frail at 160lbs, but he seems to wiggle away quite well from violent bodychecks...Ribeiro is actually a major iron-man compared to Markov even though Markov is thicker/more muscular vs Ribs, but Ribs is the iron-man among the two,etc...). And I've seen Markov in person several years ago...looked to be in good shape ...and then Bouillon walked by right after and I'd say Bouillon was built like a tank or mini-tank (5'9-max.5'10...not that tall but wide shoulders/chest...big,etc)...anyways I don't want to turn this into a man/muscle/big players-lots-of-muscles kind of post!! I just wanted to say that Markov has an injury prone body in last 3 seasons... but yes I am happy that he's healthy (4 games now)...but let's keep our fingers crossed...some may think I'm wishing an injury on him so you could hate me more, but it's the opposite...I'm just sick of him always getting injured...I'm preying he could stay healthy so Subban and him can finally dominate the PP together... knocking on wood 'cause I really want Subban to benefit from Markov and vice versa. You've all been waiting for a Markov-Subban reunion...same here. Will it ever happen? (fantasy?! I hope it will be a reality and not just for 5 or 10 games).
Oh please this is the Subban, thread...keep your Markov obsession for the Markov threads. Just plain rubbish this post.

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