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01-27-2013, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
Philly finished their rebuild. Pens did, too. Carolina as well. LA did OK with theirs. I think they all got good management and brought in quality players. I do not believe one team above blamed anyone for their shortcomings in regards to their job not being done - because the GM's and owners all did their jobs.

Now add poverty successes like Phoenix. St.Louis. Anaheim didn't sell many tickets or succeed much better than those.

We're being asked to be patient with an owner up until this year rushed every draft pick he could to get around spending money (CHEAP!) on talent and who refused to get quality to help the kids. Snow got Moulson and Grabner and some talent here and there but no defining talent to help. Why? He sure tried....but everyone but the most dedicated (brainwashed) fans sees the rebuild was not done properly as Wang refused to allow that. His rebuild looks like Milstein's rebuild. Well, now....

The CBA forbids it, so we wait now on prospects and can rebuild properly (minus bringing in talent) in some aspects.

Just don't count on help from the owner.

Fans have been patient. They just have been taken for a ride a lot, too.
You're not asked to do anything. You choose to follow the Isles. As an Islanders fan, you need to understand that Wang is going to run this organization the way he wants, whether it's a smart hockey move or not. You need to accept this.

I've accepted it and learned to look at things as positive as I can, for example, we have a glut of young promising players in the system and a top five player in the league who wants to be part of the solution.

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