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Originally Posted by marty111 View Post
1. Part of the problem is that many people disagree with how long his contract will be considered a 'non-issue'. You suggest that is it 8 years. I understand. I feel like 4 years with many years of penalty. Others will say 2 years and another group will say none at all. Since there is no way to truly measure that one aspect of his value, you will get vastly varying opinions.

2. Just out of curiosity, what are the numbers of the cap-recapture rule for Vancouver if say they never traded him and kept him? Are we talking 4M cap penalty for 4 years? Is that non issue?
I agree with your time frame, I think he has 4 more years where he can provide world class goaltending.

After that Luongo will retire - he has stated multiple times he has no desire to play in the NHL when he can't play at a high level anymore. So the team who owns his contract at that point in time will only be on the hook for his cap hit and not his salary as he will have retired.

At the point when he retires the NHL cap will likely be between 75-80M. I guarantee you there will be teams with internal budget constraints that will need to get to the cap floor, they will be more than wiling to take the contract (straight hit to cap without having to pay out actual cash) to help save their ownership cash. The team that acquires him in the coming weeks and has to take a cap hit penalty must also realize when the cap is at 75-80M a small cap hit penalty is diluted compared to today's salary cap - not a big deal at all.

There's also the possibility Luongo becomes injured with old age and is "unable to play out his contract", where there wouldn't be any cap penalties applicable at all.

People can believe whatever they want, but his cap hit isn't going to be a big liability down the road and I think a lot of GMs understand this.

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