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01-27-2013, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by nhlfan9191 View Post
They are good for teams tight against the cap, like Vancouver always is. His contract was structured to fit into Vancouvers long term plans specifically. The new CBA found away to not only punish the team who signed the player, but also the team who has traded for him.

The league's punitive measures are a joke. Aside from the obvious loopholes, the hit spread over the term is akin to a mediocre depth player. It also isn't clear whether this penalty counts against cap calculations. If it does, then all rich teams have to do is bump up against the cap and start maximizing LTIR space. It actually helps teams reach the cap to enact LTIR better...

The contract is good for rich teams (your allusion) early in the contract, and better for budget teams later. Later on, it acts much like the Jovo contract does for FLA now. However, the downside for budget teams is right now, when Lu is getting paid more than his cap-hit. So there are pros and cons to different types of teams at different points of the contract. What GMs have to determine is if it's good overall for them, not just at certain points.

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