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01-27-2013, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
I agree. Noel is doing exactly what he is supposed to do. He is trying to ice the lineup that he thinks has the best chance of winning. Whether or not we agree with his decision is academic. You have to respect the coach for taking care of job 1 first -- winning.
Agree, Jet. I want what is best for Scheifele, but more importantly, I want what is best for the Winnipeg Jets. If Scheifele gives us the best chance to win in Noel's mind, play him. If he doesn't, then don't play him. There will (likely and hopefully) come a day when Mark can be utilized and contribute, it just may not be right yet.

We aren't in a position to just play rookies sink or swim. This team is at the point with our group where winning is what it's all about, taking the next step and making the playoffs. On top of that we are one of the youngest teams in the NHL. As much as I think Scheifele can play and as much as I want him to play, I can't fault Noel for icing what he obviously thinks is the line-up that gives the Winnipeg Jets the best chance to win Hockey games. And to this point in the young (and short) season, I believe given how the team is playing and the results we are getting, Noel is managing the roster quite well.

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