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01-27-2013, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
And this is why depth is important, by increasing the amount of rinks and producing talented players you will see more players playing in various top leagues ( some in KHL, SEL, NHL ) and they will have more players to draw upon for selection in international events. Also then you may see a Danish or Latvian team in Euro hockey tours creating more interest and also if they become a mainstay at the top level they will host some more tournaments which will again in turn raise interest. Joining a Nordic league or big league like the KHL may be in the best interest to improve hockey in Denmark but things such as buildings of rinks are much more complicated.
Yep because it takes communial or state funds to do so in Denmark. Only a national team success will bring the money.
A Copenhagen or Jutland team could join SEL/Allsvanskan or DEL (we have there each an all-purpose building that can house 10-15.000 people), but only if its economically viable and the current economic climate is not. That team also have to be stacked with home-coming NHL stars to make the initial press and fan push themselves for a seat "to see the elephant". Joining a KHL filled with faraway teams will look like an insane economic gamble..since you cant survive on your own fans will need money from a lot of visiting fans to earn enough money!

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