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Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
I didn't say Gretz didn't produce i said alot of players did which was true . Gretz never came below the blue other than to take face offs and he was by far the softest player in the league by that time so i have no idea how you can say he was solid in his own end . In short Gretz wasn't the difference between us winning or losing the cup .
How old are you? I find it impossible to believe anybody that's actually old enough to remember watching Gretzky play at the end of his Kings/Blues days and into his Rangers years would say something as absurd as he never came back behind the blueline except to take faceoffs or that he was the softest player in the league. Both of these statements are simply fabrications.

How old are you?

Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
For a guy with such a good memory you left out quite a few points , you forgot to mention we were an old team that was starting to slide down the standings.

Larry Murphy got booed out of town and that's why he was traded and he was in his mid 30's

Kirk Muller was done we got him and didn't do crap after we dealt him

Gartner was in his late 30's played 2 more years after we traded him and retired

Gilmour wanted out and demanded a trade

Gagner played a total of 28 games a Leaf and only had a couple of decent years after he was dealt

Ellet was pretty much done when we traded him as well

Gill was a decent D but did nothing after we dealt him

The team was mediocre heading towards the bottom and that's why the Vets were being moved out outside of Dougie .
Uh... what the hell are you talking about? You claimed the Leafs didn't slash payroll and that claims that they did were "pure stupidity." Then I gave you a list of several names of high-priced veterans that the Leafs shipped out, one after another that year, and now suddenly you are switching the argument to say that the Leafs traded all of these guys away because they were an old team and the players were starting to fade? Huh? You said they didn't trim payroll. Now you are explaining to *me* the person that disputed your fabrication *why* they trimmed payroll?

Do you have any idea how ridiculous that is?

Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
Also Stavro was COB until 2003 and he didn't seem to have the financial shorts with Quinn when he allowed him to aquire countless vets to fuel our cup runs under Sundin .
The Leafs "Cup runs?" You realize that never happened either, right? It's beginning to look like you are referring to an alternate reality version of the 1990's and 2000's in the NHL where Wayne Gretzky couldn't play defense, was soft, the Leafs never shed payroll in a big way and then went on to have Mats Sundin-led Cup runs. Unfortunately, absolutely none of what you are claiming has any basis in reality. Maybe you'd be more comfortable posting in the "Fantasy Talk and Hockey Video Game" thread.

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