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Originally Posted by kevinsane View Post
Canucks fan here in thinly veiled, slowly dissipating hate.
This is going to sound made up, but it's not. My Dad, (stepdad, but my DAD) was born in Gaza when it was still part of Palestine. He was a Christian Arab, which would be like being a Nebraskan Muslim today. He fled to Canada in 1963 rather than be forced to join the PLO. His first name is Saad. I'm thinking of getting him a Hawks jersey with SAAD on the back. How many Arab kids can grow up and see their name on an NHL jersey?!
We're going to watch the game on Center Ice. My dad is a casual fan, so will be blown away when he sees this kid on the Hawks first line wearing that name.

How has Saad played thus far? I've only caught the Columbus game, and was too caught up in the bad reffing to notice.
Have a good game, and a good year! Would love to see our teams play each other in another series if I can get life insurance for stress.
Saad has looked solid out there and not out of place. He hasn't really been dangerous in the sense of getting any points but he loooks to be much more than just a body. I would think the points will come ... hopefully tonight! Get your dad to look for #20 and hope to beat your Canucks everytime we see them!

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