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Originally Posted by Heebs21 View Post

The BAD:

1- Ryan Smyth to LA for Quincey. Quincey to Detroit for Downie.
I'd rather have Ryan Smyth than the other two. The old veteran Smyth's leadership would be in-valuable on this young team. Downie is a freaking moron and his antics cost us games.

2- Stewart, Shattenkirk and Ty Rattie are stars.
We lost out horribly on that trade. Terrible. Terrible trade. Johnson has been Ok but look what we gave up. It's sickening to see the players we gave up. I hope Siemens turns out to be the next Pronger or this could be one of the worst trades ever.

3- Brian Elliot. We could have had him and our 1st round pick (Filip Forsberg) instead of Varly. I love Varly but we gave up alot for him and let a good goalie go for free.

4- The Varly trade. It wasn't needed. Filip Forsberg and our 2013 pick would be nice especially considering we had Elliot.

4- JM Liles for a 2nd round pick
Are you *** kidding me? Shattenkirk and Liles are better than anyone we have on our D right now.
1- No. Downie is better younger and cheaper than Smyth. And he did NOT cost us games. He had one game where he was undisciplined and that's it. Last season everyone was so high on him because of what he brought to the table and after one game where he was rusty people have soured on him. Typical goldfish memory fans.

2- Stewart has been terrible since the trade, Shattenkirk is probably the most overrated ex-av of all time, Rattie is a question mark and at best will be a 2nd line winger. EJ is a #1 d-man in the making and has been getting better ever since the trade, McClement was fantastic on the PK and Siemens is developing very well considering how his Jr team has treated him. He's going to be a Coburn-esque stud, it will just take some time, no need to rush him.

3- Wow, NOBODY wanted to keep Elliot after the abysmal showing he gave us. Varly is going to be something special, I'd do that trade every day of the week.

4- Again, there is no way that Elliot has the type of season he had last year on this team. He needed a fresh start in a very forgiving defensive system.

5- The Liles trade is the only one here I agree with, but they were trying to trade him for years so it wasn't a surprise. I wish they would have gotten a roster player for him instead but c'est la vie.

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