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Originally Posted by PROMputt View Post
LOL the Flyers did not go through a rebuild. They had a bad year and redid the whole team in a year, then the next year and then again. The Pens had 5 straight years in the top five of picks(as the Islanders have, except they got Mallin and Crosby(lucky?) not Tavares and Bailey), LA 'completed' their rebuild when they had let all the prospects mature and then traded for Richards and Carter. Last I check Carolina won the cup in 05-06 but I was unaware of a rebuild through the draft for them?
A rebuild is not 1 or 2 years. It usually is 5-6 painful years. I boiling/breaking point again is next season.
The Flyers revamped their roster to return to a winning state.

In other words, A REBUILD.

Of course, LI reasoning would have you think a rebuild is only when we draft talent and sprinkle in vets only when we're ready to compete.

The Pens drafted talent and when they drafted Crosby, had veterans ready to bring success to the prospects. Which guys were inserted into the lineup the year before Sid and Sid's draft year? What vets? They rebuilt.

Phoenix....what path did they take? Bring in vets and kids after developing them?, drafting, several swats at bringing in vets?

Carolina....what path in their rebuild?

So yeah, what's your point?

And LA and St.Louis are doing well in their "player rearrangements" as well.

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