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01-27-2013, 03:00 PM
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Plz stop pucks
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Originally Posted by ultra63 View Post
If Hedman is an enforcer the Bolts are in trouble

Originally Posted by Jacko95 View Post
Purcell: What about trading him and Lee for Subban? Maybe add prospect or a pick somewhere. Well I know it's not gonna happen, but I would do this trade. Just think about a top-4 like Hedman-Salo and Carle-Subban with Brewer coming up for injurys

If we don't make the playoffs, either Malone or Purcell will be gone. Thwy are owrth to much on TD to pass over a trade. And I can really see Killorn becoming Malone 2.0 well and replacing Teddy shouldn't be that much of a problem with those guys in Syracuse.

I'm starting to wonder who of the SYR guys might be the poor guy, who will not get a chance, because IF they all develop as fast as now we can't bring them all up in the next 2 years. I simply can't see all the Connollys Paniks Browns and.... on the 3rd line, eventough I would love to play 9 top-6 guys, would even be unreal firepower by our standarts
As much as i'd love him, he still needs to get paid and we don't exactly have a glut of cap space for it. I also don't really see Purcell or Malone going anywhere. You don't just toss proven scorers for kids in the minors because they *might* have a higher ceiling.
Originally Posted by Mile High View Post
We don't have one capable of logging serious minutes. Pyatt is awful on the draw, while Thompson and Hall are both fourth liners.
Pyatt isn't that bad on the draws, but having someone consistently above the 60 or 65% mark would be nice.
Originally Posted by PoundCake View Post
Can we stop referring to Killorn as a Ryan Malone replacement? He isn't.

I'm really not understanding people wanting to trade Malone or Purcell right now...
Same. Killorns skillset is pretty drastically different from Malones.
Originally Posted by HoseEmDown View Post
If we could get a young top 4 RHD for Purcell+ then I can't see us not trading him. Salo is only around for 2 years and Brewer is 33, we need a couple of young top 4 guys. Aulie looks like he can replace Brewer, Barberio needs to show what he's got in the NHL, but both are LH along with Hedman and Carle we need some RH's. Panik and Purcell seem like they are identical in their size and how both can take over a game or disappear, we can't keep Panik in the A too much longer as it will only stagnate him. Same goes for Connolly as he will need to make the jump back up hopefully next year, thats two guys who are top 6 players without a spot. I see Killorn taking the 3C spot, and Hall the odd man out. I also don't know what Brown has done yet to deserve a spot next season. I guess what im getting at is we have a abundance of talented fowards and not enough spots, so getting another top D like Hedman if we can would be ideal.
I will be pretty surprised if Connolly makes the jump back to the NHL next season. His game is nowhere near rounded enough. Panik could get an extended look, along with Killorn - Killorn is about ready to go, physically and mentally.
Originally Posted by Allaboard View Post
Panik would be the guy that would be Malone like, Killorn is not as physical as Panik. Killorn I see more as a third line guy.
Ehh... maybe. I don't think anyone we have really looks like Malone and Killorn should be second line or bust, unless they want to roll three scoring lines.

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