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Originally Posted by Prussian_Blue View Post
I hear what you're saying, and I do not disagree... although Peoria is more like 90 minutes from Chicago, rather than 30.

I'm only asking the question because:

1. Other posters here have commented on Peoria being a "wasteland" for prospect development.

2. Several Blues' prospects, in the past, have flat refused to come over and play in the AHL. Other clubs don't seem to have an issue getting Europeans to play in the AHL when they're being sent to large and cosmopolitan cities like Toronto or OKC or Austin or Cleveland or Norfolk... but tell a guy he's going to Peoria, and all of a sudden it's "well, I'll just stay home in Europe, then."
I still wonder if the reason for their refusing to come is that Peoria is a "Podunk" town. Did more Europeans come to The Blues' AHL affiliate when it was Worcester, Mass. (a large city)? I think they've avoided Peoria because The Blues were a losing team in The NHL for most of their affiliation period with Peoria. Now that The Blues are a very good team in The NHL, they suddenly also have a LOT of very talented young depth, making it appear difficult to make their NHL lineup during the next few years. We may have TWO DIFFERENT FACTORS working here, NEITHER of which may be Peoria's size.

Would you avoid playing in Peoria because it was 90 minutes away from what you want in Chicago, rather than 30 minutes?

I lived in ChicagoLand for 9 years (South Suburban). Would you need to travel the full 90 minutes to The Loop to get "City entertainment"?
Or might you be able to get those things after a 45 minute trip to a southern suburb, such as Park Forest? Again, I doubt that a foreign hockey player is more worried about what things he can do in Chicago that he can't in Peoria, than his chances to make The NHL.

It's more likely to be "how many foreign players off the Peoria roster make The St. Louis roster vs, development teams of other NHL franchises", than Peoria's lack of amenities.

I worked for The UN for 20 years, and work for Walt Disney Publications in 4 different countries (and hold residences in each every year). I know what it is to decide whether or not to move to a city in a "foreign" country for work, and what factors influence such a decision. I was a hockey player fairly high up in the junior levels. I know what factors would affect such decisions. if I were serious about my career (and I always have been), the amenities of the particular city would pale in comparison to the opportunities which would open up chances to improve my standing in my career field. I amDutch and Canadian. If I saw The Blues as a currently well-run organisation, and with a promising near future in relation to the playoffs and chances to win The Stanley Cup, AND, most importantly, I would see a chance for me to move up onto The Blues' NHL roster within the next few years, I'd move to Peoria to play for their AHL team, without hesitation. If, on the other hand, I saw a glut of players at my level or better at my position in their organisational roster, and I had a girlfriend at home, I might stay in my own country until my chances would look better. The amenities of Peoria would be a very last tie-breaker, if I were on the tip of the decision (I doubt that such a situation would occur-that I'd need to look to that miniscule factor to make that final decision.

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