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Originally Posted by Bieksa#3 View Post
more and more Buffalo fans are getting over the Hodgson honeymoon phase and calling him out for his defensive coverage.
Sounds like a few of them are getting fed up with how Kassian has been playing & how much we've enjoyed him.

On the topic of Kassian ... I really think a good portion of Sabres fans here no longer really want to hear about Kassian. Good or bad.
I'm not trying to come off like a jerk (but probably am to some) but the majority really honestly don't care about Kassian anymore. But it suuuure seems like many Canucks fans love coming to the Sabres boards to type their opinion of Kassian and/or Hodgson here.
Maybe Foligno's play has a little to do with this too?

I know we get on Hodgson (last page is PRIME example) I just don't think people understand the hype that this guy was given (especially his character) how he was viewed here, the fact he's one of a small sample of Canuck draft picks playing & who he was compared with. Its no wonder that we have an interest in what he does (bitter or not).

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