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01-27-2013, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Rocket View Post
Who in the free-agency do you think is the better second line center? Last time I recall, Kesler isn't available, neither is Mike Richards.

I've been in the Kadri Bandwagon since I actually started to follow him, and I know what he is capable of. If Carlyle follows the simple rules of shifting him the correct times, Grabovski wouldn't even take his time. We've seen Colorado use 3 centers with atleast 19-18 minutes each no problem, so I really doubt he would give us ANY issue.

You constantly are talking about cap-space but who on earth are you trying to sign and why must it be Grabovski that moves for the cap space? You are frustrated about his contract having a cap hit of 5.5 right? Well let's see connolly is 4.25, he's GONE this off-season. So that gives us 1.25 of grabo's apparently huge caphit, and then we also lose steckel, 1.1 mil right there, so now we are stuck with .15, oh look at that ! Kostka is .6 mil so lets not re-sign him and get a younger prospect to play. BOOM! the entire caphit space thing is completely gone.
Does limited capspace prehibit one from improving the team, have you thought about this? And the only way you get better is play the youth in important mins and games, you said it yourself you love Kadri, he's not going to learn anything more from another stint with the Marlies, what have we got to lose? Another top 5 pick with the same cast of characters?

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