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01-27-2013, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by TrueBlue86 View Post
you're pretty much forgetting the elephant in the room. when things are not going well, Toronto is a hockey circus and not a desirable place to play in AT ALL. why would a FA put up with all the scrutiny and frustration from the fans and the media? it's the biggest hockey market, it comes with the territory.

we haven't signed ONE impact FA since the lockout pretty much and like half the nhl is from here... did you ever ask yourself why?

if we ever get back to prestige, we MAY have a chance at elite FAs

montreal is becoming the same as toronto when it comes to elite FAs. both of us are relegated to overpaying for B-level UFAs.
you'd think they'd have an advantage with elite french players, but no chance. both teams will have to return through glory with prudent drafting before FAs are even a factor..
Komisarek was highly desired as a free agent.

Montreal got Cammi, Gionta and Cole in recent seasons.

Both the Leafs and Habs just haven`t had a good enough nucleus in place to bring these guys and win.

Even if Toronto only attracts a B level guy like a Weiss or Roy to replace Grabo for at or around the same cap hit but gains whatever trade assets we`re still further ahead.

Usuaully there is also only ever 2-3 top free agents each year.

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