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01-27-2013, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
Me saying that isnt the case was because you said:

It seems like the people against Jones don't want him at all simply because they very much prefer any comparable forward (which, in this case, would be MacKinnon).

It isnt "any comparable forward," its the top forward in the draft, who many expect to go first overall as well. Just like Markstrom Rules said, Jones and MacKinnon are a wash, and it comes down to who you prefer more.
By "any comparable forward," I meant any forward with the same talent level as Jones. I feel like we're saying the same thing.

Jones and MacKinnon could both go #1, but you want MacKinnon because he's the forward. That's basically what I was saying.
From my point of view, I want Jones, not because of his position, but because I feel like he's a better pick. Perhaps safer pick is a better way of putting it. When you watch a guy with Jones skill set and his NHL-ready size (this kid is bigger than a lot of players already and he's only 18...), I personally feel like he's less likely to be a bust.

You can say we need to score more goals, which is true. We also need to possess the puck more, we need a better transition game, we need more size, and we need better defensemen. I don't think position should play a part in the pick, but that's just my opinion. If Dale thinks MacKinnon is simply the best player, I would be cool with the pick, but I hope he doesn't take him because he thinks we need a forward more (assuming we even get the top pick...).

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