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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Is it a theoretical impossibility to develop that type of propulsion?
No. There may be practical impossibilities, but concepts already exist.

As just one example of an idea limited by practical reasonings:

The idea is that you explode nuclear bombs at the back of your ship, hitting a "pusher plate".

This is limited in practice by bans on nuclear testing, among other things.

Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Is it an impossibility to develop the kind of energy recycling and processing technologies needed for some kind of generational colony ship?
Don't think so. There have been rocket designs that collect interstellar hydrogen gas ( and fuse it with large EM fields to power the propulsion of the entire craft.

None of the things related to travel are really physical impossibilities. The problems will probably be related to limited resources, practicality/feasibility, etc.

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