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Originally Posted by Shockmaster View Post
But it will still feel too forced. Again, it's the repetition of playing the same 3 or 4 teams over and over. The more I think about it, the more I think divisional play is not the way to go. And I think some of the people who support it now will regret it in a few years.

Also, another problem is when you look at Pittsburgh's division, the 5th placed team in that division is probably better than the 3rd placed team in Boston's division. Yet that 5th placed team won't make the playoff in the new format. That's another reason I think some of the pro-divisional playoff people will regret their opinion in a few years.
But that's exactly what the approximated Divisional Playoff addresses. The Top-8 per Conference makes the Playoffs, which means that if the 5th place team in one Division has a better record than the 4th in the other, then the 5th gets in and the 4th doesn't; thus the approximated Divisional Playoff. 1v5, 2v4, in one Division, 1v3 in the other Division, and 2v3 the crossover matchup. Plus, you need to realize that contrary to the 80s and early 90s, the Divisions will have 8 teams, so that alone means that the chance of repeated matchups each Season will be much reduced. Furthermore, we're talking only the 1st Round of the Playoffs, with the 2nd Round matchups being completely seeded within the Conference, not the Division.

I'd guarantee only the top-2 spots per Division making the Playoffs.

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