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The greatest duo I've ever seen was Gretz-Kurri. Many, many others agree (though sturm and EB aren't among them, apparently). A flippant off-the-cuff statement to the contrary needs substantive proof to be at all persuasive.

Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
....90% Gretzky and 10% Kurri....
Neither man was big, nor blazing fast. Apart they were wonderful, but together simply unmatchable.

For more years than defensemen care to remember, Wayne Gretzky was the brains behind the operation, and Jari Kurri drove the getaway car. It's difficult now to think of them separately. Nobody, but nobody, used to set it to music like 99 and 17.

"Jari Kurri," says Oilers general manager and former teammate xxxxx, "was underrated as a player. I really believe that. Sounds crazy, as much as he accomplished, but that's the truth."

It's not for nothing that the quiet Finn was among the Top 50 players of the century as selected by The Hockey News. But being Gretzky's sidekick was both a blessing, and a curse.

"What people tended to overlook was that to play with Gretz, a guy needed a lot of natural ability just to be able to read what he was going to do," points out xxxx. "People just thought 'Well, no wonder he scores. He's out there with Gretzky all the time!' Sorry, but it wasn't that simple. Nobody could see a game, think a game, like Wayne. A lot of guys would get out there with him and just be totally lost. He was so far ahead of them.

"He wasn't ahead of Jari. There were on the same wavelength almost from the word 'Go.'"


Because of his offensive abilities, Kurri wasn't given adequate credit for the almost unparalleled two-way game he played. His commitment to defence allowed Gretzky more freedom to create, to roam, to inflict the sort of damage he alone was capable of.

"The unfortunate thing about Jari is that he played at a time when they didn't vote the Selke Trophy to offensive players," says xxxxx. "Either Fedorov or Yzerman won it one year and then it became fashionable. Before that, it was low-scoring players only.

"This guy was good enough defensively that he could've won five or six Selkes."

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