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01-27-2013, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by sw1tch View Post
The Blue Jackets 1 was incredible. There wasn't even any contact with the goalie whatsoever.
i liken it to the all the PI calls in the NFL. they have completely over compensated to the point it's all bs now. defensive players in the NFL can't even look at a receiver now without drawing a penalty.

the same has happened with protecting the keepers in the NHL. im not saying the keepers are fair game. they need protection and they also shouldn't be interfered with 'within reason'. we are starting to see the same in the NHL, were the officiating to often is overcoming the game.

let the guys play, let them set the threshold(s) for what is and is not acceptable. the refs should be a neutral 3rd party, not the main attraction. the refs need only step in when 'hard' limits are reached, otherwise the game and players will keep it in check. it was done for decades this way and it can and will work again. when officials are overloaded with too many 'judgement' and 'at your discretion'calls it lessens the game

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