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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Well yeah it does. Even if the reason is he says he doesn't want to come to North America (which I think is just speculation by people in this thread, haha), NHL teams are going to stay away from him. By not offering him a contract, there is no other explanation other than they don't think he'll ever play for them. I am not trying to be a dick, but if a team thought he was good enough and they thought he could be on their team at some point, they would have offered him a contract. If teams did and he turned them down because he doesn't want to go to NA, well then no other teams are going to waste time on him because they know he isn't coming, ergo they don't think he is worth an NHL contract.
well i guess i just take issue with your wording then. i agree with everything up until the end. they wouldn't waste their time not because he's not worth an NHL contract but because they know trying to sign him is futile. I realize this whole scenario of him not wanting to come to NA for some reason is just wild speculation but just for arguments sake say that is the case. that doesn't make him not worthy of a contract. again i know what you're saying i just don't agree at all with you choice of words. whatever

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