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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
My biggest beef in it all of this is that PK is only proving his detractors right. He is selfish. I agree he should be paid what he's worth... but... he's asking for money for what he brings to the table off the ice... in other words his star power.

Well PK, I hate to break this to you, but the city of Montreal is what makes you a star. Montreal has been creating hockey personalities for a century and will continue to do so long after you leave. You personally have more financially to gain by staying in Montreal and signing endorsement than hmmm.. let's say... Columbus. Ask Rick Nash about that vacuum. If you were a rookie anywhere else than here or Toronto no one would know your name. You came here and shot your mouth off... constantly. The media in Montreal feeds on that and voila, you all of a sudden think your star power is worth extra dough.....It's not! Komisarek was a star here, a never-ending soap opera with Boston... last I checked he was rich and less than useless in Toronto.

If I'm Bergevin I want a serious team discount to sign PK to anything more than 2 years. PK clearly has off-ice issues that do not get rewarded with lucrative long-term deals.
Sure, why not.

Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
My offers:

2 years 4.5 per... prove your not a flash in the pan and that you've grown up.

5 years 25 million. That way if we have to move you it's not a killer contract that no one will touch.
I actually agree with your offers, specifically the second one. However, if Lavoie and Dregger are to be believed, MB's offers aren't anywhere near as lucrative as the ones you've described.

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