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Originally Posted by CP View Post
As a Canucks fan, I think a pacific division with Vancouver as the only Canadian team is ideal. The Canucks have a huge following in Vancouver so it doesn't matter if they always play Canadian teams or American ones. Travel is the biggest problem and going North/South without time zone changes is easier than going West/East. I hope Winnipeg is not in the same division as Vancouver when all is said and done. It is just too much travel. In an ideal world, a struggling team will soon relocate to Seattle and give Vancouver someone really close to compete with.
I've been gradually seeing more and more Canuck fans, at least on this Board, saying that perhaps a Pacific Division alignment for Vancouver wouldn't be too bad.

Again, to repeat something that I and various others believe to the best case scenario, at least until expansion actually happens...
Stick with the 6 Divisions,
- Put Nashville or Columbus in the SE (I truly think Nashville is the better choice)
- Put Winnipeg in the NW
- Vancouver in the PA
- and Dallas in the CE.

- Columbus stays as an ETZ companion with Detroit.
- Minnesota at least no longer has a 3-Time Zone Division, plus gets a CTZ partner in the NW.
- Vancouver loses the Alberta teams but gets a PTZ Division.
- And Dallas is as happy as a pig in mud.
- As for the SE, Nashville has a good team and will at least add a strong competitive element to the Division.
- And the imbalance of 7 and 8-team Divisions/Conferences is avoided. When expansion happens, then do as they may.

Meant to post this the other day but I got sidetracked. Don't wish it to sidetrack discussion now, so I'm sticking it in here, with color to give it a bit of attention:

It’s quite clear how a 6-Division alignment should be done:

Vancouver, San Jose, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix
Edmonton, Calgary, Colorado, Winnipeg, Minnesota
Dallas, St Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus

Florida, Tampa Bay, Nashville, Carolina, Washington
Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New Jersey, NY Rangers, NY Islanders
Buffalo, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Boston

Now, a 4-Division alignment is another matter, obviously:

Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, San Jose
Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix, Colorado

Florida, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Nashville
Chicago, St Louis, Dallas,

Boston, Ottawa, Montreal,
NY Rangers, NY Islanders, New Jersey, Philadelphia

Toronto, Detroit, Minnesota, Winnipeg
Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Washington

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