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01-27-2013, 04:56 PM
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Just sad, really. I used to work for the now-defunct Schaumburg Flyers, an independent baseball team in the also defunct Northern League, and I'm sensing a lot of similarities between the FHL and the ownership of the Flyers. Essentially, he had a "spend nothing on anything" policy, which lead to the team not even spending so much as a single cent on advertising, meaning that the team had among the smallest crowds in the league despite being in a fairly well off and well-populated area that had a proven record of supporting the team in the past.

I say "among the smallest crowds," because the same owner also owned the Lake County Fielders, a team even more horribly run than the Flyers and who played in a glorified high school sandlot as their stadium construction never got off the ground.

The combined failures of the Flyers and the Fielders effectively killed the Northern League, causing all the other decently run teams to bolt for the American Association. The village of Schaumburg even locked the owners out off the ballpark for massive late payments, eventually leading to a new team opening up shop in a different league and, thanks to no ****ty management, actually managed to put up a good record and solid attendance in their first year in.

Feel bad for the players and staff that mostly got tangled up in this mess.

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