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01-27-2013, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by littletonhockeycoach View Post
Not sure what you mean but Patrick is a known commodity around these parts and that's the deal he wanted from the Avalanche. They wouldn't give it to him and now Colorado has Sherman and Sacco.

I don't blame Patrick for those demands. But he is a take charge person and would definitely shake up the Sabres franchise. A real threat to the good old boys club that seems to have developed.

Yeah, I've met him..... and know lots of parents who had kids on the same teams as his kids. Good give back guy, clearly smart and knowledgable. Also a bit insufferable and has a wicked temper. One of the biggest ego's I've ever met (course if you can do what you say, it ain't braggin')
I wouldn't mind seeing some emotion behind the bench and Roy would bring that...Ruff has lost most of that fire we used to see more often...

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