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01-27-2013, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by umbertovanek View Post
Awesome! Where do you get Stiegl in the U.S.? Not my favorite Austrian beer, but better than most of this weak sauce dishwater North Americans don't feel embarrassed to call "beer".

G: -Foligno playing like Foligno in the third.
-Me being able to watch a game without losing too much sleep.

B: - Face offs
- Lazy ass Vanek. Didn't notice the ol' fatty the whole game

U: - Some of the whining around here. First four games: "Lindy needs to break up all lines outside VHP!" Todays game: "This constant line juggling keeps the team from building chemistry!"
I live in Vancouver, Canada. We have lots of import beer out here. I usually buy Stiegl by the case, reminds me of my time in Salzburg, but it is pricey...good deal today, about 2 bucks a can.

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