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Originally Posted by dklap3 View Post
^^ It could probably help, but I doubt we would see rinks pop up like mushrooms just because we participate at the Olympics. I think something like much more aggresive lobbying from DIU towards to many larger Danish cities without rinks would help more. The examples from the cities with rinks are great and it really shouldn't be that hard convincing places that it's a great idea (when the economy gets better that is). I don't know how much of that DIU has actually done though, unfortunately they often seem quite incompetent.
I think the main difference is that right now it's difficult for DIU to push this idea of spending XX million kroner on a rink as an outsider. It's a big difference if the demand comes from within the community, pushed on by local voters...

I don't know how effective DIU is as a lobbyist on this issue, but I believe IIHF could be a big help presenting relatively low-cost rink options to startup hockey communities. It will be many years before these new areas produce elite players, but it will happen. It took Odense 15-20 years before they started to produce players at the AL-B-league level.

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