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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Well, that was sort of the point. Bondra had a poor playoff reputation. When he finally was well past his prime and a team like Ottawa was desperate to get anything that could help he ended up with this stat line in the 2004 playoffs:

7 games 0 goals 0 assists -4

This was a 7 game series against Toronto. All I am saying is not so much that other teams didn't trade for them but even that their names were never even mentioned. How often were the names of Bondra or Palffy even brought up when talking about helping a team make a deep playoff run?
my point is that bondra was never available as a deadline addition until the year he actually was traded.

and i agree with you: bondra was not a good playoff performer at all. but i don't think it's accurate to say that GMs wouldn't have taken a gamble on him as a ringer for the playoffs (like the sens in '04) if he'd been available. poor playoff record or not, i think many many GMs would have been forming a line to pick up a prime bondra to put them over the top. but he was never on the market.

as for palffy, it was me who originally said i'd take him over bondra if you put a gun to my head and i had to pick one of them for the HHOF. palffy only played four playoff series his entire career, all against detroit and colorado when they were juggernauts. two of those series were excellent, the other two he lost to the eventual champs.

first round of the '01 playoffs, he got four points on LA's six goals in back-to-back one goal wins to upset detroit (then disappears against colorado). in '02, he led the kings to within a game of upsetting the defending champs, 9 points and his team only scored 13 goals overall. but then again, he came up small in game seven after putting on a show for the first six games.

here's his playoff record:


4 games, 2 points (both in the same game where they were blown out). his team is shutout in two games, palffy is on the ice for the only goal in game three, which was a 2-1 loss. detroit goes on to win the cup.


round one: 6 games, 6 points. huge upset of detroit, with palffy and stumpel leading the way.

round two: 7 games, 2 points, both in the same 4-3 loss. completely disappears. felix potvin and a shaky game one by roy is the only reason this series wasn't a sweep. avs go on to win the cup.


9 points in 7 games, all 9 points in the first 6 games. for those first 6 games, palffy is doing his best to redeem himself for the previous year's disappearing act and wasting a ridiculous performance by potvin. game 7 isn't palffy's finest moment, but on the other hand this is against saint patrick pitching a game 7 shutout in a series where he went 1.86 and .926.

which is all to say that palffy is not playoff hero, but even with only four series to his credit clearly above bondra as a playoff performer. all of the series where bondra is at or near PPG were high scoring series where he didn't make nearly the difference that palffy did in his two good series.

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