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01-27-2013, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
And, what do you do if Phoenix moves to Quebec? Now, someone has to move to the Division C, to make 15 teams in each conference. And, Quebec should be in A, so 1 or 2 teams from A have to move out?

What would you do, Shockmaster?
Originally Posted by Shockmaster View Post
I guess I'd move Buffalo to division B. I'm only focusing on the here and now with my opinion and not which teams might or might not relocate and to where they'd go. If that happens, I'll adjust.
MNN's point is an absolute necessity for consideration. If the League goes against what I call as logic and decides to make a 4-Division alignment, then at least logically it should make room for Quebec City in that alignment.

That means, they can't simply tack the NYC area teams onto the NE Division. In order to do that, there would have to not only be a split of the AT Division but also of the NE Division. Either that, or add two other teams onto the NE and leave the NYC area teams as part of the AT.

Keeping the Northeast intact:
Option 1
Northeast plus Pittsburgh and Philadelphia

Keeping both the Northeast and Atlantic intact:
Option 2
Northeast plus Columbus and Carolina

Separating all the current Divisions in the League:
Option 3
Div A- Washington, Philadephia, New Jersey, Rangers, Islanders, Boston, Montreal, Div B- Ottawa, Toronto, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Detroit, Minnesota, Winnipeg
Div C- Florida, Tampa, Carolina, Nashville, Dallas, St Louis, Chicago,

Hell, there are various other options, if you're able to split up all current Divisions.

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