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Originally Posted by Drummer View Post
UNB lost 'to a good team' (#5 at the time) on the road and was dropped a spot to 3rd. UA lost at home (to the #10 team at the time) and I don't think many on the committee spend any time looking at how 'dominating' the team is in a lost.

I suspect they will remain #1, but I would expect a tighter split in first-place votes (10-7)
The later you get, the less elastic the rankings become because the teams have more of a track record. The OHT35 is in progress as we speak, with only one result still to come on the weekend. But here is a comparison of Alberta v New Brunswick:

v CW-x````````4-0-0
v ACAC-x``````6-0-0
v Int.````````1-0-0
Exhibition```````````` 11-0-0
v A`````````` 5-3-0
v B`````````` 7-0-1
v C`````````` 7-1-0
Conference```````````` 19-4-1

New Brunswick
v AUS-x`````` 0-1-0
v OUA-x`````` 4-0-0
v NCAA-x``````0-1-0-1
v Int.````````2-0-0
v A`````````` 4-4-0
v B`````````` 9-1-0
v C`````````` 7-0-0
Conference```````````` 20-5-0

To make their records the same, the Monkeys would have to lose to an A team and go 2-1-0 against B teams, i.e. go 2-2-0. Meanwhile, the Squirrels would have to beat an A team, lose in OT against a B team, and lose to a C team, i.e. go 1-1-1.

This comparison is very preliminary since there is a school of thought that Calgary should be promoted to A level, and that would change things.

While this is very tight, it looks like Alberta would have the edge.

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