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01-27-2013, 05:47 PM
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If the other boot is just fine, you can rebake just the problem boot at the store. What you would do differently this time is that immediately once you have both (baked and unbaked) skates on laced snugly (you don't have to lace the other boot, just have it on), stand up and remain standing for about 3-4 min after. You can sit back down for the remaining 6-7 minutes for cool down, or remaining standing if you wish. Just be sure not to walk around or shift your weight too much. The natural widening of your feet should help 'push out' the side walls slightly in the warm boot. Be a little more generous with the heat this time around. Supplement with a light heat gun treatment along the problem areas if you feel that you need the extra help.

Last resort is to get the skate stretched permanently to widen out that boot. The bake should help however, so give that a go first.

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