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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Who else do you put in there? Big Ben maybe? In all honesty I think to rank a player correctly you can't do a heat of the moment thing. Otherwise Kaepernick is a top 2 QB in the NFL right now. In my opinion, despite some playoff woes, Ryan has had enough elite seasons to be mentioned in the top 5 now. If we are solely using Super Bowl wins or Super Bowl MVPs then Dan Marino would have never been mentioned among the elite QBs. I think Ryan has done enough to get there by now.
Ryan has had enough elite seasons? What is that criteria, one? Ryan has finished top-5 in any meaningful stat all of once in his career. Good (not great) regular seasons and sub-par post-seasons do not make a QB elite.

Big Ben and Eli are FAR better QBs. If we are passing on just sporadic regular season success, then Rivers, Stafford and Romo have all either had higher peaks or longer runs of success than Ryan.

Ryan has done nothing to show he is an elite QB.

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