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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
Don't forget - it's not just the players on the roster that are getting released into free agency, but the prospects as well. In OOTP whenever I've done that the high-end teams scoop up all the prospects at once, and find a way to fit a contract or two in (I always play with a salary cap on).
Yeah, if they have crappy prospects though it won't be a problem.

I wonder why it is that the top teams get all the top players, no matter what, it's not right, you can lower the protected players list number though so each team can't have a ton of prospects.

Like in real life some players don't always want to play for the big clubs, they will also take less money to play somewhere.

I've been reading over all the game features, there are so many ways to play the game, it's amazing.

My NHL as of right now would be the same except for I will move maybe New Jersey, NY Islanders, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Florida, St. Louis, Nashville, Columbus, Colorado, Anaheim, Dallas, Phoenix, Buffalo to maybe: Toronto, (if it's possible to have 2 teams in 1 city) Hamilton, Quebec City, Hartford, Milwaukee, Portland Ore, Seattle, Salt Lake, Victoria BC, Anchorage, Halifax, San Francisco Houston, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Kansas City and San Diego.

If you haven't noticed yet, I found this to be quite the interesting feature:
Players can be drafted in multiple leagues.
I would like to define exactly what this means, does it mean that more than one team can hold a players rights, (if so this could be a big problem) or you can make a Euro league for example have a draft like the NHL does?

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