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01-27-2013, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by HabsByTheBay View Post
I don't think Vancouver is a serious option. I think the Mariners would be more than upset about that and the metro area has a 2.3 million population, which would make it one of MLB's smallest markets. Charlotte is at 2.4 million - in my opinion we should only be moving MLB to markets with the potential to support a $100 million payroll, not small-market teams living off the revenue sharing teat.

IMO Montreal is the only city with the capability to do that but I don't think Montreal is anywhere close to pushing for an MLB team yet. It'll happen in time but not yet.

I think it's telling that no rich guy or city is making a real genuine push for MLB. I think all of the proposed candidate cities (Portland, LV, San Antonio, Charlotte) all have huge gaping flaws. Charlotte's probably the best of the four but I could easily see people in ten years time thinking "Why did the Rays leave Tampa Bay for Charlotte?" Even now the whole "MLB for Charlotte" movement that's filing lawsuits about their new AAA stadium is really just one lawyer trying to get his name in the papers.
If the US calculated metro populations the same way as Canada Vancouver would be more than twice as big as Charlotte, or vice versa. Besides, I don't think Seattle could say much, they aren't particular close and Seattle doesn't have exclusive television rights in BC anyway (It's shared with the Blue Jays).

Tampa Bay needs to move in the next 5 years, and right now the only places that can take a team are Montreal with their decrepit stadium, and Vancouver with a few changes to BC Place. There is no way the league is going to let one team fold but that's what's going to happen to Tampa if they don't find somewhere else to play.

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