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Originally Posted by iPunch View Post
We're at game 5. A little over a week in. At current we've had threads for.

1) Replacing the coach
2) Trading the captain/top defenseman
3) Trading the leading goal scorer
4) Questioning the JVR trade
5) Envying the worst team of the past 5 season
6) Blamed the new regime (Owners, GM, Coach, Roster) for previous failure

Before the season started (in October) we had

1) Kadri (our top forward prospect) is fat and a bust

Now I don't think all fans are the worst, but we easily have the lowest of the low. Don't believe me? Look around at any other teams forums. You'll be lucky to get a hit on half of these threads per team forum. Nowhere else in the NHL do fans consistently pit their players against hypothetical scenarios. There's absolutely no way to say who the Leafs would have drafted with the Kessel picks, yet it's debated as a certainty, as if it was a straight trade for Seguin/Hamilton/Knight.

Alot of people aren't involved in the starting of such mass hysteria but join in the threads because they're already made and a hot topic. To those I say, please step back off the ledge. But for those insisting on bringing people up there with them, just jump already. You're not going to change anything, and only succeeding in making people along for the ride miserable.

Time to aim the hyper-analysis at the fanbase.
Hard to argue with this after the last 2 games and the threads on these boards.

Loyal to a fault. Finally getting fed up -- for real.

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