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06-28-2006, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
We have covered this many times. JC, I know that mass can be added.
A skinny guy can become a strong/lean guy. I'm pretty thick framed, always have been. I'm overweight,but when in shape, I'll never be thin, thru the shoulders,arms, I am what I am. I always remember one of my best friends when he was working the weights, trying to add bulk to play JrA in the 70's would complain that he'd go farther if he had my frame. Sadly today, he's still 6'1 and 190 and I'm 5'10 and let's say more than 190. Of course you can maximize your strength, but you still are within the same body type. You can get the most out of your body type, but you can't change it. The concept of thickness seems to confuse for some reason.

All that being said, if indeed young Fischer isn't very thick bodied, it doen't mean he can't have agreat career, Mike just prefers thick bodied D men.
I understand what you mean but i bet you that your friend could have been bigger if he wanted too but for some it demands more effort because of their frame and i was one of these guys. Thats why i just dont agree with you guys on that because im the living proof that its possible. Not only i was 6'1 160lbs and worse than Fischer as a 19 year old but i just wasnt able to put weight. When i got letters from Universities interested in my game i knew i couldnt stay at 160lbs. I worked out like a mad man and disciplined myself to eat properly and sleep at properly hours. I plateaud about three times in my goal to be 200lbs but i never gave up and worked out even harder and i reached the goal.

Today im 6'1 205lbs and im ripped like hell and stronger than any thick natural guy my size ithout cheating or taking any protein or creatine. Im telling you give me mike Ribeiro for a whole summer i can make him look like an athlete for sure. Its all about dedication because if you dont have the thick frame like i was you better double your effort in the gym and if you want it bad enough youll get there.

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