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01-27-2013, 07:00 PM
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Well my TO experiment is NOT working out. Mostly because I couldn't find it with my preferred blade, but something about snappers/wristers just doesn't feel right to me. So with that said, I needs help on picking a new stick. I have been wracking my brain looking at sticks online and in-store all weekend and am completely lost. Here are my points of consternation:

- I have no idea what kind of flex point works best for me. I always have used the standard mid-flex non-engineered flex sticks like SE16, Synergies, Dolomites, etc. Had a couple of S17s and they never felt right to me but I honestly think it's b/c I didn't understand how to feel and properly load sticks at the time. The TO seems completely unlike any other stick I've ever used and is just bizarro.
- I LOOOVE the puck feel and how light the top end Bauers are, but I went through 2 APX's in a 6-mo period last year and am a bit gun shy on dropping cash on another top-end Bauer. That said...the Nexus sounds delicious.
- I don't know if I need to drop down to an intermediate or not. I usually get the 75/85 flex sticks but have to cut them 2-4 inches. I have a hard time flexing them. I really wish there was a senior 65 flex.

Some sticks I am considering:

Easton Int EQ50 - $99
Easton Int RS - $169
Warrior Widow (Int or Sr) - $120
Bauer Nexus 1000 - $249
CCM RBZ - $249

I've gone through so many sticks the last couple of years I can't even compare them in my head as far as what I like/dislike about them. Just don't know where to go next on this magical journey of hockey stick obsession.

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