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01-27-2013, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
So that is that. I guess he's still good insurance. God forbid we lose another center in a few weeks, we've got one potentially coming back in Lombardi. That said, we now need to acquire a center if we want to earn a playoff spot.
I know it's early on, but at what point does Maloney just say **** it, scrub this season and just bring up some guys that could use the development in this fluke of a season? I mean we're off to a horrible start, number one goalie is out for key games, our center depth went from acceptable to below average in one game, and we STILL don't have an owner to throw money at us to go out and get talent to attempt to salvage this season. How many more dollar for dollar deals can we pull off without giving up too much at the expense of injuries? How many more times are we going to dumpster dive to try and find something worth while? Let's just get Miele and Rundblad up here and hope we can actually develop something other than two or three players over the span of 10 years. Let's also hope that Maloney isn't sick of this budget crap and doesn't leave us at his contracts end. I'm so sick of this. I would punch Jerry Moyes in the ****in face if i could. I'm going to start slashing tires on every SWIFT truck i see.

**** it, roll the dice and bring up some young guns from Portland. Maybe it works out. Maybe it doesn't, but is that so bad in a 48 game season? One with an exceptionally deep draft at that? If we're horrible due to lack of experience, so be it. We got our prospects some key development, we won't have an asterisk next to a Stanley Cup victory had we even had a CHANCE of winning it, and we'll get a solid draft pick in one of the deepest drafts in a long time. I've never been a supporter of tanking, i think you should give 110% every chance you get, so don't get it twisted, I'm not suggesting that. Like i said, roll the dice

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