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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
What's the real situation? Can people from Belarus travel freely? Or is it only the "privileged" citizens?

(This was definitely the case in Communist Czechoslovakia, but I have no idea how things are today in Belarus.)
I dont know and I dont care.

I see another problems in this article published at fanclub website.

1.It is officiall statement of fanclub. Maybe it is opinion of author only, I dont know and I dont care. It is a statement of fanclub what matters.

2.This statement insults citizens of Belarus without a reason! Why? Because they are from Belarus?

3.What about reputation of league? What should Finns/Swedes/Germans/Americans think about KHL and its fans? If they read this statement?


5.Why politics in sport?

This fanclub, maybe only its leaders, is "cancer" of Slovan. They dont know how to behave in european league. They even dont know how to behave in slovak league (you know their relationship to fans of Kosice).

Only solution is to ban these people from attending KHL arenas.

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