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01-27-2013, 07:29 PM
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Lets face it, we can talk regular season games all we want, but it really comes down to how do the divisions work in the playoffs, and who has an advantage or disadvantage.

Why can't the NHL just pick a team (or two) each year to have a decided disadvantage to winning the Stanley Cup, and also make life miserable for it's fans. For discussion sake, lets call this team with the built-in disadvantage "Team X".

Now, we will allow all other teams in the playoffs to play games that start no later than 9:15pm local time, whether home or away, with the exception of Team X. For team X, we will make sure that it regularly has to travel 3 time zones to play games, and also hose over it's fans by making the games not start until 10pm or later on weeknights. That way if the game goes into overtime (or multiple OTs) that fanbase will regularly have to choose between going into work red-eyed, or miss the game that wont't get done until 1am even if it does end in regulation.

And just to really punish the team and fans of team X, lets make sure that this disadvantage can happen over multiple playoff rounds so the players can be more worn out by the multitime zone travel and constant jet lag, so that when they play a team in the next round they are even more exhausted, all else equal.

Can anyone think of conference set up where this could work, so that one or two teams can constantly get the shaft each year?

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